Canadian Jumps Naked Into Aquarium Shark Tank



Ever wanted to swim with sharks? We have to admit, it sounds pretty terrifying, but in the right locale, it could be fun. The Hawaiian island of Oahu is 597 square miles of paradise and home to some of the most beautiful shark diving on earth. We might be able to find a way to go shark diving while basking in the Hawaiian tropics.

While we’re daydreaming of warm sandy beaches, one Canada man couldn’t be bothered with waiting, laws, public decency, or anything remotely resembling the behavior of civilized members of society. There are more than 1.3 million lawyers in the U.S., but we’re willing to bet that they’d be hard pressed to get this fella’s charges dropped.

In Toronto, around 10:30 PM last Friday, police got a call from Ripley’s Aquarium reporting that a naked man jumped into the shark exhibit and was swimming around in it.

“We arrived on scene within seven minutes and he was already gone. There were no injuries to the man, animals or patrons,” said police spokesperson Katrina Arrogante.

Perhaps just fancying a quick dip with the fishes, the man entered the aquarium, was polite enough to purchase a ticket, then walked straight to the shark exhibit. He calmly stripped completely naked, climbed over security barriers, and jumped into a 766,000-gallon tank that contains 17 sharks among other sea creatures.

In utter disbelief, crowds watched (and videoed) as he splashed around while ignoring the angry orders of security guards. Finally, he got out of the tank, but before security could grab him, he did a backflip right back into the tank. Some people applauded him while others watched in horror, but he knew he’d overstayed his welcome and was somehow able to escape the aquarium without being arrested. The aquarium plans to press “all appropriate charges” once the skinny-dipper is caught.

Fortunately for them and very unfortunately for the mystery man, he was arrested later for something that happened before the shark tank swim-session. Now identified as 37-year-old David Weaver, our skinny dipping shark guy had allegedly committed a violent assault earlier that same night against another man at a Medieval Times, then smashed two glass doors before fleeing the scene. Where did he flee to? The aquarium.

Now in custody and being charged with assault and mischief, Weaver gets to reflect on the repercussions of a particularly wild Friday night.

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