Benefits of Splitting Married Social Benefits

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This video explains how and why 2019 is a pivotal year for married couples filing for social security benefits. What is essential to know about this video is that a married person may be eligible for benefits on their spouse’s record.

You may be eligible for up to half of your spouse’s record when you are married. Depending on your spouse’s full retirement age, your full retirement age and how much you earned over your lifetime will indicate if you are eligible for benefits.

A way to have social security optimization is if you reach your full retirement age in 2019, you could be eligible to file benefits on your spouse’s record while the benefit you receive on your own record continues to grow.

Divorced spouses may be eligible for this benefit, also.

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If you were married to someone for ten years or more and are currently single, you may be able to file for benefits on your ex-spouse’s record. You also be able to allow your benefit to grow while receiving the benefit on your ex-spouse’s record. You can find more information online at

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