Korean Skin Care Methods Taking The World By Storm



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Beauty and skincare is perhaps one of the largest industries in the world, with a global industry value of somewhere around $400 billion. There is a lot of research and money involved in finding the best possible way to treat wrinkles and dry skin.

Fermented skincare started as a Korean skin care trend, but it rose to the spotlight in the beauty world and is catching on fast. The concept is simple: using fermented foods in the skin care regime.

According to those that partake in the remedy, the fermented food improves both gut health and the overall appearance of skin.

Fermentation, in biological terms, means to enhance the ingredients to increase their nutritional value. In the food world, the process involves soaking food in salt water to take advantage of good bacteria. In the skincare world, active ingredients are broken down so that the skin can rapidly absorb their nutrients.

Some benefits of this method include:

  1. Eliminating harmful bacteria.
  2. Breaking down the ingredients to make it gentler on the skin and easier to absorb.
  3. Fermented yeast is loaded with antioxidants and is anti-inflammatory.

To maximize the benefits of these products, it’s recommended that one also develops a good routine. Dr. Amy Wechsler, the renowned New York dermatologist, suggests focusing on a nighttime routine that will help relax the mind for better sleep, which can aid in the skincare process.

“The healing molecules are highest during sleep, and cortisol is at its lowest then,” she says

However, this is not the only trend making an appearance in the world of skincare. In Canada, some companies and brands are creating their own skin care lines to help combat wrinkles and premature aging, using a cultural method of their own — maple syrup.

Several brands have caught the attention of skincare professionals with their product lines’ ingredients, which are all natural, including Province Apothecary, which includes the usage of maple syrup in their organic Nova Scotian algae (seaweed) in the Detoxifying and Clarifying Clay Mask.

The three companies are Province Apothecary, Saje Natural Wellness, and Graydon Skincare, and are all Canadian in origin.

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